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"I would definitely call myself a skeptic, but when multiple signs pointed me towards seeing a spirit medium, I couldn't justify them as mere coincidences. It was at this precise moment that Lyna appeared on my Instagram and I decided to take the plunge.


Upon meeting Lyna, she made me feel calm, almost like I was in a therapy session. I was facing many intersecting changes in almost all aspects of my life, and really wanted to make sense of them and find some solace in the decisions I'd be making for my future. Without explaining much of what was going on, Lyna got the details of my life and circumstances almost exactly. She gave me some clear direction about my role and meaning in all of those parts of my life. I specifically asked her that I didn't want to know anything about my future that would alter my decisions (like who I'd end up with in the future or any of those kinds of things) - she honored that and allowed me the space to ask questions freely while carefully delivering whatever guidance I needed. I felt at peace with my decisions and the role that I play as a daughter, sister, partner, and as an individual for myself.


I would definitely recommend a session with her, even if you are a skeptic - she might change your mind. She sure changed mine!"

- Sheila, California

"Lyna’s reading was one that will stay with me for a long time.  Lyna connected with my grandmother, which was so heartfelt. She literally took me on a journey of my grandmother's home, bringing closure on her passing.  As she was describing my grandmother’s bedroom and the book she gave me, I felt the love and presence of my grandmother.  Lyna’s natural sense of compassion and empathy while expressing my grandmother's words of love

and the memories we shared, was such an emotional, loving and healing experience.


I would highly recommend Lyna to anyone who wishes to receive healing and closure with their loved one."

- Lynette Duncan-Gardiner, Melbourne Australia

"I was in such a mind block and needed clarity in my life when Lyna came across my path. A friend recommended her and I right away felt a connection through our first point of contact via text. Right away in our first session I felt like Lyna knew exactly what I was going through and she connected to my energy. Her words were the affirmations I needed at the time and more! She confirmed with me that I have to listen to my intuition and just made things so much clearer.


Through Lyna I was able to connect with many loved ones that have passed and their words just helped guide me in the right direction.


After a second session with Lyna I felt as though my life was taking a quick turn for the better. Once again I connected with my loved ones that just assured me on the path I was heading and her/their words gave me a sense of comfort that I’m not alone and ever since, I haven’t felt alone.


Lyna has such a calm sweet soul with a soothing energy that makes me feel right at ease and I completely trust her skills. She has blown my mind and world in a positive way. Ever since I opened this spiritual door with her, my life has not been the same and I am excited to continue opening more doors with her extraordinary abilities.  Thank You, Lyna!"

- Rocio Mendez, California

"I’m not sure how to describe Lyna and the power of her wonderful gift, but let me try. I’ve known Lyna for many years, and it took a long time for me to accept spiritual guidance. Let me begin by admitting that I am a former skeptic who asked for a very specific sign of confirmation from a loved one,

who had passed, in order for me to trust spirit’s messages. If you test the universe, it will give you answers, right?

Lyna was able to confirm the sign exactly as I had asked for, first leaving me in awe, and then leading to an embarrassing yet freeing amount of tears.

Since then my perception has changed for the better.

Some of us need proof before leaning into faith, and now I know this much is true: Lyna has a true and amazing gift, she is able to provide guidance

based on love and compassion, and your life will turn for the better if you allow the universe to help you through it’s gifted children. 

Test the universe, it will give you answers!

Thank you Lyna for sharing your gift! I am truly, eternally grateful.

- Itzel Reyes, California



"I came to Lyna at a time of my life that I was embarking on a spiritual journey. I’ve never worked with a spiritual medium before and I was

very excited for my first experience. Lyna did not disappoint. She is truly gifted and has such a positive and peaceful touch to her readings.

Lyna helped me connect to my loved ones while clarifying past events that have occurred in my personal life.

Her guidance allowed me to begin the process of healing and I can confidently say I feel at peace from the messages she delivered from my loved ones.

Not only was she able to connect me to my loved ones, she was able to provide messages from spirit to my family members.

Lyna also educated me on practices I could do to continue my spiritual journal.

I am so excited to work with Lyna again."

- Hilary, California


"I have been blessed to know Lyna for the last 4 years and have watched her on this journey of fine tuning her incredible spiritual gift. I have also been extremely fortunate to have had a few readings from her. Lyna was able to connect with spirit on the other side who are very important to me and their messages brought me great peace. Lyna's calm, compassionate and loving nature makes her readings a joy to experience."

Mimi Janes, California

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