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Lyna Phan, GC-C

Spiritual Medium & Intuitive Life Guide


Welcome, beautiful soul!

An earth angel once said to me that wisdom comes from our lived experiences.  Such a simple statement, but the impact rippled through me like an ocean wave.  It pieced together all the moments throughout my life when I questioned why I was experiencing the many challenges that I did.


I have gone through the unimaginable and unbearable pain of losing a loved one.  I know how dark and lonely it can be to not feel seen, loved and worthy. I have also been blessed with a healing journey that has brought me to a place of peace and clarity.


Healing the wounds of my soul would not have been possible without the spiritual teachers in my life walking beside me and guiding me through it.  It was after taking a deep dive into my healing journey that I understood the wisdom gained from my lived experiences would help me guide others in moving through theirs.  


I always knew I wanted to give back to my community what my spiritual teachers gave to me.  With the unconditional support of my guides, both in Spirit and earth bound, I took a leap of faith.  I found the courage to live out my purpose of helping my community navigate their healing journeys by intuitively guiding others to clarity with their life experiences, and serving as a conduit for soul-to-soul conversations between spiritual and physical beings with the intention of healing both worlds.

It is possible to heal the deepest parts of your soul and co-create the life you have always wanted; you just have to be willing to take a deep dive into the uncomfortable and do the work.  If you believe it is possible, then it is.

Wrapping you in love & light,

Lyna xo

Fairy Lights

Peri A., California

"Meeting with Lyna has changed my life.  Her compassion and empathic approach puts me at ease as she takes the time to truly get to know and understand me.  She listens and gives tools to practice more self-love on a daily basis.  She guides me through my self-discovery journey, and has helped me become more aware of the one thing that has always been a mystery to me - my intuitive gifts - and how to use it to live a more fulfilling, connected life"

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